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Build Pectoral Muscles Fast

Pectoral muscles are considered as one of the large muscle groups in your upper body. Pecs or pectoral muscles are the muscles of the chest that people love to develop in order to get an impressive, muscular and strong physique. With a combination of right chest exercises and proper diet plan, one can get eye catching, lean and magnificent pectoral muscles extremely quickly. Many chest exercises that target pectoral muscles also train other muscles in your upper body such as shoulders, biceps and triceps. As we all know that one of the best ways to gain mass and enhance muscular strength is to train and workout your large muscle groups in your upper as well as lower body. Therefore, pectoral muscles make a perfect muscle group to be worked out when trying to gain body strength and muscle mass.

Among different chest exercises, push-ups and dips are considered as very effective exercises to build your pectoral muscles. To start the push up, lie on your stomach in such a way that your palms are on the ground. Now, lift your body and bring it back by keeping your legs and back straight, so that you put all of your body weight on your arms and chest muscles. Thus, one up and one down make one rep. You can place a free weight plate on your back while doing push-ups to increase the difficulty level of this wonderful exercise. You can also adjust the distance and angle between your hands to involve all the different parts of your pectorals. Dips make a wonderful compound exercise and they work your triceps, shoulder and pectoral muscles. To begin this exercise, position yourself on a set of dip bars and lower your chest down until your elbows are bent 80-90 degrees. Now, push back up until your arms are straight.

Bench press is considered as a great exercise to build your chest muscles. In order to start this exercise, you need to lie down on a flat and comfortable bench with a barbell rack. Now, grip the bar by evenly spacing your hands and push the bar up so it comes out of the rack. By bringing the bar in line with the middle of your chest, slowly lower the bar until it touches your mid-chest and then bring it back to its starting position.

You can also perform chest butterflies with dumbbells to develop your pectoral muscles. To begin the exercise, you should lie down on a bench and bring the dumbbells out to the sides of your body. Now, slowly lift the dumbbells up and inward in such a way that they come in line with your mid-chest.

Another great exercise to build your pectoral muscles is pull over. This makes a wonder exercise to extend your rib cage and increase your chest mass. To do this exercise, lie perpendicular on a comfortable and flat bench in such a way that your shoulders are on the bench with your feet flat on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in your both hands, so your arms are bent at the elbow and the dumbbell is directly in front of your face. Now, extend your hands carrying the dumbbell backwards and down. Then, pull back the dumbbell and bring it in line with the middle of your chest to complete one rep. Other wonderful exercises to build your pectoral muscles include Cable Crossovers and Peck Deck Butterflys.


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