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Calorie Shifting Diet Plan – Calorie Shifting Weight Loss

For losing weight a calorie shifting diet is a very good choice. The main reason being is that it isn’t as restrictive as most diets and can allow a person to eat their favourite foods on some days. When you get to eat your favourite foods, even though it is in moderation, it keeps you motivated to stay on the diet. Whereas if you are restricted completely from your favourite foods, the motivation soon wears off and before long you are completely off the diet and back to your usual eating habits.

Calorie Shifting Diet Plans work because they speed up your metabolism. With most diets your body will adjust itself to your new eating plan, so if you are eating roughly the same number of calories each day, your metabolic rate will adjust to that. Then because your metabolism slows down as it adjusts to your new eating habits, you stop losing weight.

When you reach a plateau and find it hard to lose any more weight, then you tend to lose motivation and find it difficult to keep going when you just aren’t seeing results.

With a calorie shifting diet you are eating a different amount of calories each day and so it keeps your body guessing. Because your body doesn’t realise that you are on a diet since you aren’t eating less calories every day, your metabolism doesn’t slow down.

Because your metabolism continues to work at a high speed then you don’t hit a plateau with your weight loss and you continue to burn fat and lose weight for much longer. When you keep seeing weight loss results then it keeps you motivated to continue with the diet and it is easy to keep on going until you reach your goal weight.

Although you can eat your favourite foods, you should do so in moderation. It isn’t a free pass to go and eat as much fattening foods as you can just because you will be eating less calories the following day, you still need to monitor the amount of foods that you eat and eat within reason.

Overall, a calorie shifting diet is a great way to lose weight and to stay motivated to lose weight. Losing motivation is the biggest reason that people fail when dieting so if you can choose a diet that will keep you motivated then you are well on your way to reaching your goal weight.

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