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Carb Rotation Diet – Diet Review

Carb Rotation DietCarb Rotation Diet is the diet plan for you if you have tried to lose weight in the past by counting calories and you just cannot stick to it. The truth is, a lot of the low calorie foods that you are consuming actually make you want to eat more causing you to gain more weight. Many low calories diets are simply too low in calories, its true, if you are eating too few calories for your body it actually causes your metabolism to slow down making it even harder to lose weight.

This diet plan was created by a respectable dietitian called Jayson Hunter who has developed many diet programs for men and women over the years before coming up with the Carb Rotation Diet which he thought is the most suitable for people looking for a balanced weight loss diet.The diet program’s main focus is on the consumption of lean meats, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits, fiber-rich high glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats and of course, plenty of water.

Carb Rotation Diet is to be followed for 30 days and weight loss up to 15 pounds within the period can be achieved safely and healthily. The diet evolves around the principle of alternating between a high, low and no carbohydrate consumption by eating from carefully selected groups of foods. This rotational method of carb consumption eventually also spin off many other carb rotation diet variations such as 5 days low carb and 2 days high carbs per week method amongst others.

The concept behind Carbo Rotation Diet is on the assumption that low carb alone diet may be detrimental to our health because low carb diets are thought to deprive the body of essential nutrients and energy forcing our bodies into self-preservation famine mode. Our body in this condition perceives itself as being in a starvation mode and automatically lowers the metabolism to conserve energy.

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Carb Rotation Diet Basics

The carb rotation diet is basically a 3-day cycle where you rotate the amount of carbs and protein you eat.

  • Day 1 is a high carb/mid protein & vegetables day
  • Day 2 is a low carb/mid protein & vegetables day
  • Day 3 is a no carb/all protein & vegetables day.

And then repeat. This will ensure that your metabolism isn’t slowing down but instead burning efficiently every day.

Carb Rotation Diet is administered in three phases. The first phase helps raise metabolism of the user by building muscle while at the same time gaining little fat. The second phase helps the user reduce fat while losing minimal metabolism and muscle in the process. The third phase helps raise metabolism of the body again by building more muscle.

The diet has many advantages. One, the diet program does not require the user to rely on any kind of products or pills in order for it to work. Two, the plan comes with a guide, which if followed faithfully, helps the user lose weight fast. Three, the plan shows the user exactly which nutrients are essential for the body thus helping ensure that one’s fat loss remains constant throughout the day.

As an added advantage, the plan also provides information that helps guide the user in reading food labels correctly while at the same time helping the user learn how to calculate the number of calories in the food thus keep off weight permanently. Another positive for this diet is that the carb rotation diet helps limit the intake of refined carbohydrates, which are found in products like cookies, pasta, cakes and white rice. Consequently, this helps keep one’s insulin and blood sugar levels in check thus help in prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Losing weight is also made easier with this type of diet.

As a whole, Carb Rotation Diet is a smart, good choice. Whether you are a man or a woman, Carb Rotation Diet will work perfectly for you. Your gender won’t absolutely matter as it is specially designed for both men and women.

If you are looking for a weight loss program that will teach and guide you how to effectively lose the weight you’ve been struggling with, then Carb Rotation Diet is also a perfect option. Basically, it can educate you how to lose some of those unlikely, flabby fats easily and permanently.

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