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Cheat Your Way Thin Scam – Diet Program Review

Cheat Your Way ThinCheat Your Way Thin is a system that will share the secret of how to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods, including ice cream, cookies and burgers. The diet program teaches you how our internal systems behaves when men and women eat different kinds of foods. What makes Joel Marion’s program unique are all the interesting dieting facts that tempt you to check if it really works. Yes it does. All our bodies have a fixed routine and schedule to digest and absorb nutrients from all the food we eat. This diet program teaches you how, when and what to eat in such a way that your body does not let unnecessary fat deposit there. This apart, it helps you burn fat very fast and effortlessly.

Course creator Joel Marion says that by controlling your diet for more than a week, you end up slowing down your metabolism and hampering your ability to lose weight. But when you eat the foods you normally crave, your body gets what it’s used to and your metabolism doesn’t slow down. "Cheating" on your diet will actually help you lose weight!

The diet plan includes a manual that tells you what to eat, when to eat, nutrients that increase fat loss, how to plan exercise sessions around cheat sessions and more. You’ll also get 2 audio CDs that will explain to you how to cheat strategically. Plus, there’s a video and quick reference cards about which foods to eat on each day of the week.

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Cheat Your Way Thin is built on the concept of Strategic cheating. What this means is that you’re allowed to eat "fun" foods every once in a while as long as you do it according to the program and in the right order. You have to follow the program correctly, of course, but getting one day each week in which you can eat what you want is one of the main reasons why people find this program effective.

Naturally, not every day is a cheat day. Each week there are some low calorie days that help you create and maintain a calorie deficit that is required to lose weight. Some of these days are based on a low carb intake, others focus on certain carbs and leave out others. However, you always have the Cheat Day to look forward to.

The Cheat Days help you both psychologically and physically. They help you to keep a high metabolism rate and burn more calories more easily. They also help you to stick to the program as they allow you to eat the foods you love most and still see results on the scale.

Cheat Your Way Thin works because it isn’t a depriving plan that’s hard to stick to. It is also based on a well researched weight loss method to allow you to shed weight fast. You get results without going through the anguish of so many other diet plans.

Unlike a lot of the standard dieting plans Cheat Your Way Thin protects your metabolism by strategic cheating and calorie manipulation. It is very important because when you reach you desired level of fat your metabolism needs to be working perfectly fine. Joel Marion has explained in detail as to how it is all possible. Natural hormonal levels are maintained therefore you need not worry about losing energy or libido. His program is designed to burn fat off your body at a very quick and healthy pace.

Joel Marion’s dieting technique, Cheat Your Way Thin is very revolutionary in the way it deals with burning fat. It is already helped thousands of people lose a lot of unwanted weight. Most diets leave people with decreased muscle mass, battered metabolism, psychological defeat, and do not even work all that well. This program will help you supercharge your weight loss and stay healthy and active while doing it. Work with your body, not against it, and lose weight, paradoxically, through cheating on your diet.

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