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Eating for Energy – Eating for Energy Diet Review

Eating for EnergyEating for Energy Diet was developed by Yuri Elkaim, a nutritionist, trainer, kinesiologist and motivational speaker. He developed this program based on the raw foods diet, which supports the premise that the nutrients of food are more active when they are in their natural state.

The principle behind the raw food diet is that heat destroys what’s good in food. Anything cooked with a temperature greater than 180oF will lose all its natural life-giving and healthful components. Eating food raw allows you to maximize the benefit of the components of the food that you eat.

The Eating for Energy eBook contains 120 raw foods recipes, a 12-week meal plan, a smoothie and juice guide, a section for athletes, and some other nutritional suggestions for a healthy living. All the recipes of this book are easy to cook and delicious.

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What is The Raw Food?

Raw food is food that is cooked at a temperature not exceeding 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As Eating for Energy or any professionalnutritionists will affirm, fully cooked food is rendered unhealthy as it affects the chemical structure of the food. Raw food preserves the living nutrients that supply you with increased energy.

Do Raw Food Diets Help?

A raw food diet has been medically proved to be rich in disease-preventing phytonutrients; enzymes; life energy; and a provider of substantial amounts of alkalinity to your body. Elements such as these are what your body thrives on and is ever hungry for. These are facts that most doctors, fitness experts, and self-claimed “expert dieticians” won’t tell you … but Eating for Energy will.

Eating for Energy elucidates the unhealthy nature of cooked food and how it affects our body. The author strongly believes that food is the main culprit of many diseases. Elkaim considers all cooked foods as dead food and without any life energy, nutrients, or enzymes. Eating For Energy will help you to adopt a healthier diet based on alkaline raw foods for “the best and healthiest life ever.”

This book teaches the significance of following an alkaline, enzyme-rich, and predominantly plant-based diet, It’s all about raw food living. The author claims that the raw food diet suggested by this book has given back life to thousands of people all over the world. The book promises to help you to get a healthy and beautiful body that you could ever have imagined.

You will definitely lose your weight without wrecking your metabolism. You will have boundless energy, glowing beauty, and an incredible life-long health. You will look younger with a healthy skin. The diet even has the potential to slow down your aging process. You can eat raw foods as much as you want because they will not make you fat. This diet will also help you to overcome your bad food cravings.

What Can Eating for Energy Do For You?

The program claims that it will definitely help you get your life and your health back. You will cleanse toxins and spells of fatigue and sluggishness will disappear! You will naturally lose weight and achieve a feeling of wellness and health. Your risk of lifestyle diseases like heart ailments, gastrointestinal disorders, certain cancers and diabetes will be significantly lessened by what you discover in this raw food cookbook.

The diet follows a program that allows you and your body to get used to the new system, and hopefully, make eating raw a habit. It also includes an exercise plan because the creator recognizes the fact that in living healthily, good diet and physical activity work hand in hand.

I believe that this program is worth reading and using even if it’s not for the rest of your life. You may find that this kind of eating plan actually suits you and that you enjoy it far more than you would have believed beforehand. The program is detailed, interesting to read, may be a touch over scientific at times, but overall provides great value for any health conscious person.

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