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Eating For Energy Review – Raw Food Diet

Eating for EnergyEating for Energy is a diet plan that is based upon the increasingly popular raw foods diet. The premise behind eating raw is that a diet full of raw foods is rich in enzymes, life energy, disease-preventing phytonutrients, and provides tremendous amounts of alkalinity to your body. These are elements that your body naturally craves and thrives on.

This diet program was created by all-rounder, Yuri Elkaim – a raw food specialist, nutritionist, personal trainer, motivational speaker and Kinesiologist. Specially created raw food diets, together with a healthy exercise plan lie at the heart of the Eating for Energy program. The former is based on the premise, firm belief, and medical proof that raw food diet deliver “all-round” health benefits. This is why Eating for Energy has the ability to help users shed weight; eliminate recurring ailments; augment energy levels; and improve their overall well-being.

Raw food, as its name implies, has never been cooked above 180 degrees fahrenheit, since raw foodists believe that cooking food changes the chemical structure of the food thereby rendering it less healthy. By eating raw, you preserve the living elements in the food and gain energy from by eating it in this uncooked form.

Raw food diet can help you lose weight naturally. Eating raw food is the best way to shed that stubborn fat in your body. Losing weight on a raw food diet is proven to be quick and practical. And the best part is, it is totally natural.

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Does Eating for Energy Really Work?

Eating for Energy is a most comprehensive, 360-page downloadable e-book, unlike any other fitness and weight loss programs seen today. Eating for Energy is different because it is specifically designed for “ALL- ROUND” health and well-being. The program involves a ‘2-way’ action plan to achieve this:

Nutrition & Diets – Eating for Energy program strictly and specifically includes an all-raw, (total vegetarian) diet that is natural and environment-friendly. This diet includes lots of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts. The program’s ‘Nutrition and Diet’ section’ offers several recipes; 12 Super Foods recommended for daily consumption; a 12-week Meal Plan; a Juice and Smoothie Guide; and more.

Exercise program – Eating for Energy has a special ‘exercise section’ which describes the importance of exercises; what food should be eaten pre and post-workout; tips for staying hydrated; and more.

The program is an extensive look into the reality of modern eating and how far we’ve come from the natural foods our ancestors used to it. Eating For Energy is a raw food eating program as Yuri Elkaim shows how modern food has not only taken us away from what we, as humans, were naturally made to eat but may be actually contributing to many of the modern diseases that afflict the Western World. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and various heart conditions are rare in less developed parts of the world but are common in the United States and other developed countries where food is often more made than grown and is rich in chemicals and preservatives.

In Eating For Energy,Yuri Elkaim shows how a raw food diet can help you lose weight and improve your fitness. What’s surprises most people is learning that Yuri Elkaim is a soccer coach, not the sort of thing you’d expect from a raw food eater who are usually seen as weak and frail. This is a misconception as you can get every macro-nutrient you need from a vegetarian and even vegan eating plan.

This is a highly detailed program as Yuri goes into great detail and shows you how you can get every element of your diet from alternative sources, more natural ones. This may be strict for some people, but you can actually get 20% of your calories from "less healthy" sources in order to help you stick to the overall program and to alleviate any cravings you may be feeling.

So it’s time to change your opinion and start to act. Now you should pick up this book – Eating for Energy and read it, correct your choice of wrong food, choose a raw food diet, and do it. You can make yourself also friends and families slim, energetic, and healthy. Enjoy Eating for Energy, enjoy overall wellness.

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