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Fasting For Weight Loss

Fasting For Weight LossTrying to lose weight in time for bathing suit season? It can be done. The question is how. Some will tell you fasting for weight loss yields the best results. Fasting for weight loss has dramatic effects. The quick and very visible reduction in weight often makes this method of weight loss attractive to many people. However, even though the method has its quick and visible results, there are a few problems awaiting people who choose this route to loose weight.

To elaborate, when people choose fasting for weight loss, rarely do they eat nothing at all. Many people try recipes of juice concoctions that allow them to fill up on juice and feel as though they have eaten. They may puree their favorite fruits etc.

The problem with this method is that, although they may be choosing healthy fruits to puree and drink, often these fruit cannot possibly contain all of the vital nutrients that a person needs throughout the day.

Another problem is the social element that we tend to place on eating. When a person is fasting for weight loss, lunch out with a friend, dinner at the table with the family and just the quick snacks people eat in the office are all off limits.

It can be very difficult to stick to any kind of weight loss diet that does not take into account the many social occasions at which we have to eat.

Another problem, is that the quick results you see when fasting, the results that make the option so appealing, are often not what they appear to be. When a person attempts fasting for weight loss and succeeds, they have succeeding in losing fluid, not substantial weight loss.

The result of this is that as soon as the fasting stops, and it has to otherwise it becomes a dangerous eating disorder, the person puts all of the weight back on. Though fasting for weight loss gets results, the results are very temporary.

Eat Stop Eat is a new diet program using intermittent fasting and flexible as a style of fasting for weight loss and body fat burning. The author, Brad Pilon, claims thatt your metabolism won’t slow down from fasting and you will not lose muscle. As a matter of fact, he tested this way of eating at University and conducted an entire scientific study on this way of eating.

This program is a new type of diet plan. Whereas some plans tell you to eat every few hours and others encourage you to eat nothing, Eat Stop Eat is a mixture of the two. It’s a combination of a healthy eating and weight training regime with periods of intermittent fasting.

It goes back to the basics of dieting, emphasizing the fact that losing weight isn’t about what you eat or when, it’s about how much you’re consuming. Weight loss can only be achieved by a calorie deficit regardless of when or what you eat. Short term fasting can even lead to an increased level of fat burning enzymes in your body, so you’ll be losing even more weight.

This is how the Eat Stop Eat plan works. Simply eat normally for most days of the week (try to keep it as healthy as possible without being obsessive) and have one or two fast days of your choice – no food, just fluids. You get the calorie deficit you need on the fast days, and if you eat healthily on the other days too you’ll see even more results. You don’t have to give up exercising because you’ll still be eating enough on most days, and you can expect to see weight loss in the region of 1-2lbs per week. Even better, you’ll see fat loss, not muscle loss.

The Eat Stop Eat plan is really simple to follow, and there’s no more carefully weighing out food or following a complicated routine. It’s really flexible too, so you can still enjoy your food and go out for meals, and you won’t be obsessing about what you’re eating.

If you really want to shed off the excess pounds that you have and you think that you can muster the discipline of going through a 24-hour period of fasting within a one-week period, then Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program is definitely for you.


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