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We are aware of the Fat Burning Furnace diet launched by Rob Poulos. Fat Burning WorkoutsFat Burning Furnace ScamFat Burning Furnace in companionship with the Fat Burning Furnace exercises is the best thing to increase your metabolism and muscle construction whilst burning body fat. Rob tells us to consume actual food, and not replace meals or take supplements.

Many of the obese people have a problem with the workouts exercises have the need of a significant amount of apparatus or a gym association to get good and permanent results. In this article you will come across a few exercises that you can do from home using daily domestic items so there will be no need to purchase expensive equipments for workout. These workouts are for beginners and so you must keep a small resting time in between each.

1. Shoulder Press

Sit up or stand straight and pick up equal weights in both the hands. Then push them above your head slowly and get back to the starting position.

2. Wall Push-Up

Keep one or two feet distance from a wall and stand straight looking at the wall. Place hands on walls as wide apart as shoulders. Then bend your elbows and lower yourself. Push yourself back to the starting position but make sure the body is straight during the whole exercise.

3. Biceps Curl

Stand straight with knees bent a bit, keep arms by side and hold weights in each hand. Then slowly bend your elbows until the weights touch the upper part of your arms. Make sure this squeezes the biceps as you reach the top.

4. Bench Dips

Take a chair and sit on its front edge placing hands on the edge beside buttocks. Keep feet flat on floor at least 2 feet from chair with knees bent. Slowly lift bottom than bend arms dipping the whole body. Go down as far as you can and pressurize on the triceps trying to push back to the starting position. But do not stress on shoulders.

5. Standing Row

Hold weight in each hand bending swiftly while keeping back straight. Keep the weights about a foot apart. Pull yourself up and elbows must be close to the body

6. Standing Squat

Stand up keeping feet at least at shoulder length apart. Keep torso up and back slightly, then slowly bend knees. Lift yourself up as far as you can but keep a 90 degree angle with the floor. Stay in that position for some time and then return to original position.

These Fat Burning Furnace exercises won’t take you long – just 10-15 minutes a day, but Rob Poulos proved that these simple routines in conjunction with his FBF program can dramatically decrease unwanted fats and help you lose weight much faster.


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