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Fat Loss For Idiots Review – Fat Loss 4 Idiots Weight Loss Diet

I came across the Fat Loss For Idiots program a few months back and decided to try out for reasons I still don’t understand… I would first like to talk about the idiot proof diet program. There is nothing much to talk about this book other than to say that it talks about every single factor that actually works when it comes to diet and fat loss.

I have come across many diet programs and weight loss programs where they claim that the fastest way to lose weight is to go on a starvation diet which will trigger the body to lose a lot of weight. Although that starvation system does work, it doesn’t give permanent results. With such a starvation diet system, you will end up reducing your calorie intake to such a level that you might end up eating a banana as the meal for the entire day.

After studying a lot about fat loss from many forums and discussions, I have learnt that the only way to lose weight is to NOT lose weight. Weight is not of any concern when it comes to health. It is the level of body fat. If you fat levels are really high, you life is threatened.

…The recommended level of body fat is below 17% and below 13% if you want to get ripped.

So the smartest and fastest way to lose body fat without losing muscle is to keep the metabolism elevated as high as possible, and the only way this is possible is by eating frequent short meals a day and exercising a lot.

It is not as simple as eating 6 big meals a day. You need the proper combination of protein, carbs and fat as well. If you try to be too smart, you might end up with the wrong combinations of food that can trigger more fat storage.

The Fat Loss for Idiots program not only goes in to detail about eating short meals more frequently to increase metabolism, but it also goes to the extent of claiming that caloric shifting confuses the body in such a way, it can’t predict whether to shit to starvation mode, or increase metabolism, but due to frequent meal consumptions, the overall prediction reaches the state where your metabolism stays increased at all times.

The Fat Loss for Idiots Program also comes an online diet generator which prepares a 11 day diet plan according to the vegetarian or non vegetarian option. It is your choice.

…In these 11 days, the Fat Loss for Idiots program claims you will lose 9 pounds. You may not lose 9 pounds exactly, but 4- 6 pounds is more than enough weight loss per 11 days. If you go overboard with the weight loss, your skin will have a hard time adapting to the body changes.

After the 11 consecutive days of effective fat loss, you are allowed to have 3 cheat days during which time you can eat whatever you like as long as you know you are not barging up too much to actually harm the success you have achieved so far.

According to my opinion, it misses the part where you should exercise at least 3 times a day to actually get the toned muscular body and I would also like to add that adding muscle automatically helps lose fat in the body.

It does not mean you have to bulk up. Simply bodyweight exercises like Pushups, Squats, Deadlifts and Lunges can have a major positive impact in your fat loss and body change as well. Not to mention the fact that interval training helps you burn more fat even while you sleep.

Diet plays an 80% role in total body fat loss, but without exercise, you won’t feel the comfort of a healthy body. It is still up to and how YOU feel.


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