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Fat Loss Strategies for Moms

Like most moms, you probably feel like you’re ready to lose some of the extra fat you’re carrying around. Sure, after having kids, you accepted that it would take a while to lose all of the weight, but now, after nights and days as a busy mom, it’s time to get serious about your fat loss. After all, extra fat can lead to obesity, heart disease and a host of other medical conditions. Perhaps you’ve tried just about every fat loss diet out there, but nothing’s worked. Before you give in, rest assured there are ways even a busy person like a mom can find to lose the fat fast. And it doesn’t involve exercising like crazy or even buying expensive diet foods. In fact, the key to fat loss is not really about a diet at all. Just a few simple changes in your lifestyle can lead to rapid fat loss. Read on for some of the fat loss tips.

Avoid White Carbohydrates – Now, carbs are not all bad and you shouldn’t avoid them completely. Instead think smart and go for the whole wheat option. So avoid white carbohydrates like white rice, potatoes, and fried food with breading. Look for brown rice, whole wheat bread and sweat potatoes instead of the white alternatives if you want to lose the fat. And don’t forget to check out whole wheat pasta – most people can’t tell the difference between white and wheat, especially when covered with a healthy tomato sauce.

Eat smaller meals more frequently – No, we’re not talking about eating every three hours. Instead, to avoid loading up on calories when you’re famished, eat regularly throughout the day. Definitely make time for breakfast. You can skip the cheesy omelet and go for some whole grain cereal with low-fat milk and fruit. Or try an egg white omelet with spinach for a protein and veggie punch. Add in a mid-morning snack, like low fat yogurt with some fruit or granola mixed in. Make time for a sensible lunch, and then a mid afternoon snack before having dinner. For dessert – skip the cake and try fresh or frozen fruit with a small bit of whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Don’t Drink your Calories – Drink lots of water. Even sparkling water or seltzer is fine (the carbonation in unsweetened seltzer does not contribute to osteoporosis as many people believe). Don’t drink sports drinks, or anything that ends in "-ade", or coffee with cream or milk in it. Stick to herbal teas if you need to refresh yourself – try a fruity variety like a lemon zinger (try adding ice to make it an ice tea) for a real refreshing treat.

Exercise – Yes, there is no getting around this one. Exercising is a key component to effective fat loss and when used with a lower calorie, nutrient-rich diet, you can really kick the fat loss into high gear. Most women will use the "I’m too busy" or "I’m not athletic" excuse to avoid exercising. The good news is that even a brisk walk counts. The other good news is that recent research shows that three 10 minute sessions of aerobic activity are just as effective as one thirty minute session. The key with any aerobic exercise is to get the heart rate up and break a light sweat if you want to burn the fat away. And don’t forget weight training. Again this is something a lot of women overlook out of fear of adding muscle on top of fat or getting bulky. Simply not the case. Unless you decide to lift weights like a woman training for a Ms. Universe competition, moderate strength training will boost your metabolism overall, making it that much easier to lose the fat.

Portion Control – It’s not just what you eat, but how much you eat. Low fat foods, especially all those low fat snacks, still have calories. And the key to fat loss isn’t so much about how much fat you’re eating, though that plays a part, but how many calories you’re consuming overall. As Americans, most of the times our portions, especially of restaurant food are WAY TOO BIG. If you truly want to lose the fat, then don’t make a habit of joining the clean plate club. Try ordering a salad and an appetizer at a restaurant, or splitting an entrée, or simply split your main course in half (or in quarters) as soon as it comes out, and only eating that portion, saving the rest for later. At home, invest in a small kitchen scale to weigh your food. Look at the serving sizes on packages and compare that to what’s really on your plate. Another tip is to re-use the container from a frozen diet entree and use that as a guide when serving yourself. Fill the container up to get a "normal" portion and then transfer it to your plate. And don’t forget to take your time eating – enjoy each bite and slow the process down. Your brain will recognize when you’re full sooner and send the signals to stop eating before you feel stuffed.

Give yourself a break and practice makes perfect – Here are two tips that some people who have successfully lost fat swear by. You can try them out for yourself and decide if they make sense for you. If you are really trying to lose fat fast, controlling your diet is essential – eating lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and fruits will virtually guarantee a low fat diet. To make it easier, some dieters stick to the same meals over and over again, the repetition making it simple to keep on track – the thought being that a mind that doesn’t have to make too many choices about what to eat won’t make the wrong ones. Of course that can get boring and to counteract that, many fat loss dieters allow themselves one day off a week when they can eat anything they want – from ice cream to candy bars. The hope is that you’ll make yourself so sick from the junk food, you won’t want it again for a whole week. This plan of repetition and cheating isn’t a long term solution – the monotony will be too much and the one day a week of cheating on the fat loss diet may spread into the full week. So this approach works best if you’re just starting out or looking for a fat loss boost while you get the rest of your diet in tune with your fat loss goals.


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