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Final Phase Fat Loss Review – Is Final Phase Fat Loss a Scam?

Final Phase Fat LossFinal Phase Fat Loss is a unique training system for those of you who need to overcome a fat loss plateau, or for those of you trying to lose that last 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat. Losing the first pounds is always seems much easier than losing the last few. It seems like the body just doesn’t want to give up those last few pounds as if they were its most precious possession. This is exactly what the Final Phase Fat Loss program by John Romaniello is all about.

Final Phase Fat Loss is written by John Romaniello who has written for many bodybuilding and fitness publications and has been a personal trainer to many. This program is creating a lot of interest these days. I think it’s quite clear to anyone who’s heard of it that this is not your regular diet and fitness plan. This is for people who are already exercising regularly and may even be in the midst of a weight loss process but feel that they need something a bit extra to shed those last pounds.

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What is Final Phase Fat Loss?

  • 6-week training program (16 unique workouts) designed to assist trainees in losing the last 5, 10, or even 20 lbs after they’ve already lost a good amount of weight and are having difficulty reaching their “next goal”
  • Science based program design based on hormonal challenges people face when trying to lose the last 10 lbs and/or bust through fat loss plateaus
  • 4 workouts per week; 4 completely different training styles rotated over the course of the week (lactic acid training, density training, dynamic training, strength-based training)

Final Phase Fat Loss is based on 4 different workout types which you do each an every week. The 4 workout styles are dynamic training, lactic acid based training, density based training, and heavy strength training. Each of these workouts, so John Romaniello claimed targets a different kind of stubborn fat and helps to get rid of it.

The reason why Final Phase Fat Loss works is that it helps you to deal with those hormones that cause stubborn fat. In each of us, this fat settles in different body parts like the abs, chest, lower back, the thighs, etc. These hormonal imbalances are why it can be so hard to lose fat from your trouble spots.

In order to deal with these hormones, you must workout in a certain way so you can get lean as possible. This is where FPFL comes in, to help your body improve its internal hormonal balance. It’s a 6-week program in which you workout 4 times a week. Each workout method is different, targeting a certain type of stubborn fat.

These workouts are short and intense, but with short rests between reps. The workouts mostly concentrate on strength training. In fact, John Romaniello makes it very clear that cardio is overrated when it comes to fat loss. In his opinion, strength training is more effective both during the workout itself and for its metabolic boosting effects later on during the day, even when you rest. Every workout exercise in the manual is greatly explained along with pictures to help you maintain proper form.

If you’re trying to lose the weight, whether it’s 20 pounds to drop a few sizes, or the last few to get your ideal beach body, why not use the Final Phase Fat Loss? Overall, this is a special program that I feel can help you achieve remarkable results. Use it only if you feel up for this kind of challenge. If so, then it can definitely be for you.

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