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Make Penis Bigger – How to Get a Bigger Penis

How to Get a Bigger PenisIf you are thinking of increasing your penis size then you need to know what your options are and which methods are safe and affordable. But before knowing what your options are in giving you a bigger penis, you should have a little understanding of your penis structure and how each of these options of penis enhancement attempt in increasing your penis size. This would enable you make a better choice when choosing a penis enhancement method.

Your penis is divided into 3 main areas; the two large chambers located at the upper part of your penis shaft are called the Corpora Cavernosa. While the chamber located at the bottom of the penile shaft is called the Corpus Spongisum. The Corpora Cavernosa is responsible for the size of the penis during erection because 90% of the blood that flows into the penis during an erection is retained in this chamber. As for the Corpora Spongisum, it is responsible for urination and ejaculation.

So in order for you to have a bigger penis size, you have to use a method that would increase both the width and girth of your corpora cavernosa. Although there are a various methods of penis enlargement being marketed over the Internet today there are only a few of these methods that are actually worth trying.

This is because a large number of penis enhancement products in the market today are either useless or dangerous to one’s health. Why take risks with your health all in search of a bigger penis. Common methods of increasing one’s penis size include: penis exercises, herbal penis enlargement pills, penile patches, vacuum pumps, stretchers, weights and penis enhancement surgery. Let’s take a look into how these methods work.

Penis Enhancement Surgery – Don’t even think of this option. The pain and stress you would undergo far outweighs whatever gain you may think would get. The exorbitant price, pain, post surgical recovery time, the possibility of repeat surgeries due to complications done in the first surgery is enough to discourage you from attempting this "dangerous mission". There are other methods of increasing one’s penis size that come with fewer risks and are more affordable. Why pay a surgeon about $7000 just to experience pain and frustration when you can get a bigger penis using other methods.

Penis Pumps – Before the Internet became mainstream, vacuum pumps were usually advertised in pornographic magazines as being capable of increasing one’s penis size without having to undergo the other option which was surgery. But the main problem with pumps is that they do not cause permanent enlargement. Asides this, the risk of injury is high when using these pumps if not worn correctly. Although there are so many merchants touting vacuum pumps as being the best method of getting a bigger penis, the simple truth is that these pumps are only useful to men with erection problems. Also men using pumps for penis enlargement usually report that they become dependent on these pumps in achieving an erection.

Penis Enlargement Device – penis enlargement device is actually based on traction techniques practiced in the old days. In fact, Burmese women are known to elongate their necks using this technique. Other body parts that were also enlarged were lips and earlobes. It can be worn under your pants. You can easily adjust it to apply a comfortable level of traction. Over the next few weeks, your penis will grow in length and thickness (girth).

Penis Exercises – This method of penis enhancement goes way back in time. Men from Ancient Arabian tribes are believed to have used penis exercises to improve their sexual performance. It was a tradition back then that, when a young man is about to get married his father teaches him these penile exercises in order to achieve a bigger penis so he could satisfy his wife.

This method of penis enlargement is natural and does not involve anything except your hands. But not all the penis exercise programs being sold in the market are effective, and a number of programs offer exercise without adequate description, pictures and videos on how to perform them. This could result in penile injury if you use such programs. There are actually a few programs that offer quality penis exercises to men seeking a bigger penis.

Herbal Penis Enlargement Pills – It seems Spam mails have actually given this method of penis enhancement a very bad name. Forgetting the bad publicity from fraudulent merchants, the simple truth is that using a quality herbal penis enlargement pill is an all-natural way of increasing your penis size. These pills help increase blood flow to the genital region (and thus enhancing the penis), heal wornout penile tissues and aid the re-growth of penile tissues to larger sizes.

This method is very popular among men who have no time for other methods of penis enhancement. Although using herbal penis enlargement pills is guaranteed to give you penile gains the truth is that a large percentage of these gains are temporary and would diminish once you stop taking these pills. This is one reason why you must combine these pills with a penis exercise program. These would ensure your gains remain permanent and your results are achieved faster than when using only one of these methods.

Apart from the expectation of a bigger penis size, men who use herbal penis enlargement pills and penis exercises usually experience heightened orgasmic pleasure and a remarkable improvement in their ability to control their ejaculations.

More Best Penis Enlargement Made Easy Tips:

SizeGenetics is the ONLY penis enlargement traction device on the market that is endorsed by the medical community. The SizeGenetics system of penis enlargement device plus exercises scores well in the effectiveness criterion as it combines 2 highly effective methods of enlarging your penis – all without risky surgery (phalloplasty). Doctors are in universal agreement that SizeGenetics is the most effective solution to safe and effective penis enlargement for quick and permanent results.

MaleExtra is the only penis enlargement system of its kind that combines a 1500mg pill of highly potent fresh ingredients (a formula based on clinical and scientific studies) with the hugely popular Penis Health exercise system, a proven manual method of increasing the size of your erection and penis length and girth. This combined system creates a winning combination.

Penis Advantage has a comprehensive guide, giving you tips and information on increasing your penis size within couple of weeks. It doesn’t tell you about using surgeries, pills, medication, treatments etc. and lay more emphasis on natural way of treatment rather than scientific way. Penis Advantage focuses on exercises that help a man to achieve desired length and girth of the penis.


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