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Performer 5 Review – Is Performer 5 Pills a Scam?

Performer5Performer5 is a new health supplement that is already quite popular among men who want to increase their semen. It will give you stronger and more intense orgasms and increase your semen volume.

Primarily it is a semen enhancing supplement but many people have also noted an increase in their erection strength and a boost in potency. Performer5 will give you rock hard solid erections, boost your sexual appetite and allow you to ejaculate more each and every time you have sex.

Performer 5 is a 100% organic, natural health supplement which features clinically proven, and medically backed ingredients to help consumers improve their semen production, improve their performance, as well as improve the health of key organs to help overcome fertility problems, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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According to the makers of Performer 5, and compared to other pills such as VolumePills, Virilex, Semenax, Performer5 is the only supplement which provides:

  • Maximise their semen production by 500%
  • Increase sperm motility by 250% in 2 weeks
  • Ejaculate 5 times further and with more power
  • Experience intense orgasms – sexually satisfying for you both
  • Attain rock hard, solid erections
  • Boost their virility, stamina and sexual appetite

How does Performer5 Work?

Unlike other ejaculation enhancers that focus solely on supporting your penis from the outside, Performer5 first equips your body (internally) by providing it with all the essential nutrients it needs to make this increased semen production a reality.

To put it more simply, Performer5 essentially lays down the foundations for making increased blood flow, stronger erections and lasting orgasms easy, attainable and within your grasp.

Take these ingredients for example:

  • Zinc: renowned for playing an important role in the production of energy within your cells, the purer the concentration of zinc you consume, the more semen you will ejaculate. In Performer5 you will find 1000% more than the daily recommended zinc you need (150mg), ensuring that you produce 500% more semen
  • Creatine monohydrate: reputed to delay the onset of fatigue by buffering lactic acid within your muscles, creatine monohydrate can help consumes to stay up all night long
  • L-arginine: clinically proven to stimulate growth hormones, l-arginine can help you to maintain erections, increase your sperm count and improve your sperms motility by 250% in just 2 weeks
  • Pomegranate: enriched in 70% ellagic acid, pomegranate is recognised for being natures own natural Viagra
  • Mucuna Pruriens: the seeds within this plant produce chemicals to support healthy levels of testosterone as well as increase your sexual appetite and stamina.

It is undeniable that the creators of Performer5 have taken great care in their ingredient choice. 100% natural, organic and free of synthetic extras, every ingredient has been included for a specific reason: to maximise your semen production.

What makes Performer5 so different from other products?

It is easy to see why Performer 5 is becoming so popular within the media. Working from the inside out, this unique formulation tackles more than ejaculate production but helps consumers to enhance their entire sexual experience.

The inclusion of their self help DVDs and guides for example, proved to be truly inspirational towards helping us to maximise our semen volumes. These exercises enabled us to approach this problem both internally and externally, and were so simple to follow that they were easy to slot into our daily return.

Then there is the fact that unlike Viagra, Performer5 can be used every day. There is no limit to how long you can use this supplement which is great news for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction. Performer5 can help them to beat premature ejaculation and experience powerfully intense and potent orgasms every single time.

Performer5 gives you better and hard erection for long time. It also enables you to get more ejaculation time. These pills are designed to give you intense orgasms. With the help of performer5, you will be able to satisfy your women’s wild dreams. Buy performer5 with confidence and get those sexual abilities like porn stars. Your women will scream with happiness and you will become more valuable to her.

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