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Tacfit Commando PDF Download

Tacfit CommandoTacfit Commando Review is a fat burning program where in which the creator, Scott Sonnon, put together a workout program based on workout routines by Israeli top army units, counter terrorism squads, bodyguards, and law enforcement agencies.

Both men and women will enjoy the challenging yet powerful workouts in Tacfit Commando and a simple set of eating guidelines that will help you get in the best shape of your life while transforming your body into a real head-turner!

This is a program made up entirely of bodyweight exercises. You don’t need any equipment for any of the workouts. In addition, the workouts are very short. They make up for it in their intensity. The exercises are based on functional movements of daily living including lots of core and flexibility movements.

There are 3 basic principles that the Tacfit Commando program follows:

Principle #1

Principle #1 is that the workouts can be done anywhere – they are bodyweight only. This is a main requirement of troops who often spend days and weeks in the wild, training in various combat conditions. This is why all the Tacfit Commando exercises are done with no equipment whatsoever. You only use your body weight as resistance. This means that you can do all of these workouts at home, at the park, on the beach, on vacation, anywhere where there’s a floor.

Principle #2

Soldiers are always pressed for time, which is Principle #2 – the workouts are extremely short. No 90 minute gym workouts here. This is why Scott Sonnon had to create short workouts to fit in with the army’s schedule. All of the workouts in TacFit are short and to the point. Usually, you can be done with any particular workout in 30 minutes or so. One of the results of this requirement is that rest time between sets is shorter than you may be used to in your current workouts.

Principle #3

These workouts weren’t created to help anyone look better, lose a bit of body fat, or build bigger muscles. Soldiers are people who depend on their body for their very survival. They have to be in tiptop shape to perform 110% on the battlefield. This is why Tacfit Commando exercises are focused on improving physical ability, not look. Yes, you will burn a lot of body fat and build that hard, lean, and athletic figure, but this will happen as part of the process, not as its main focus.


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