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The Diet Solution Reviews – The Diet Solution Scam Exposed

The Diet Solution Program is one of the most popular new weight loss progams available today. Written by Isabel De Los Rios it is a valuable resource packed with incredible facts about how eating the right foods can help you lose weight – all without being hungry. So what’s in The Diet Solution Program and how good is it? We bought a copy so we could give you a peek inside.

Is The Diet Solution Program A Scam?

Nope, this is not a scam at all. The Diet Solution Program is a legitimate weight loss program centered around eating healthy, wholesome foods and nourishing your body towards better health and a better figure.

The Quick Start Guide is basically a nutshell version of The Diet Solution Reviews that can help you get started on the road to weight loss without having to invest a lot of time reading through the entire manual. This is helpful for those trying to get started but don’t have time to read through the full 100+ page book.

There are many good tips in here as well as a quick start meal planner. The food options are good, and I like how they structured their eating plans. You really shouldn’t worry about getting hungry with this diet. They allow you to increase food portions if you do find you get hungry.

In the introduction, author Isabel De Los Rios sets out the goal of the entire program: to lose weight by changing your eating habits so that your body will be healthy and nourished. Instead of being a "controlled hunger" diet, The Diet Solution aims at helping you change your eating habits so you are eating the right kinds of foods. By doing this you will not only lose weight, but you’ll feel amazing. If you follow this plan you should not feel hungry, tired, sluggish, or any of the other annoying symptoms of many of those "crash" diets that are on the market.

De Los Rios wants you to commit to a realistic outlook: you’re not going to magically change overnight. Having a healthier lifestyle and weight is a goal that will take a little planning and a bit of time. She doesn’t want you to get discouraged.

Clear Your Mind

The first step of The Diet Solution Program is to clear your mind. Stop worrying about all the health information that is thrown at you by the media. Stop falling prey to negative influences. Clear all negative thinking from your mind. De Los Rios wants you to maintain a positive mental outlook for success.

Metabolic Type

The next step in The Diet Solution eBook is to determine your metabolic type. Your metabolic type is your own personal requirement for a certain ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. Many people fall somewhere along a spectrum of protein types or carbohydrate types. Determining how much of a certain type you need is key to your success in terms of weight loss and overall health. There is a good test to determine your metabolic type included with the program.

Create Your Meal Plan

De Los Rios then guides you to choose a personal meal plan containing the right ratio of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Using her meal planner is very easy. She stresses the importance of natural foods and getting rid of a lot of the artificial junk and bad fats that tend to be in our food choices. These artifical additives tax the liver and prevent it from functioning as well as it could, causing your body to store fat instead of lose it.

Learn The Science Behind It All

In an excellent section all about calories, Isabel De Los Rios points out the common misconceptions about calories and weight loss. She suggests that it’s not about counting calories, but using calories as a basic suggestion to choose portion amounts. She does not like the idea of calorie counting at all. There is too much variation between the way different calorie types affect the body’s metabolism to just simply count calories.

Basically The Diet Solution Program boils down to creating your own personal, customized meal plan using Isabel De Los Rios’ philosophies. To plan out your own personal meal plan there are some easy to use charts that tell you how many servings of each type of food to eat per meal, and a handy food guide to help you determine how much of a food is a serving. A chart is provided for each metabolic type, but the author encourages you to experiment a little to find your own personal balance.

There is an excellent section on nutrition and food choices, including the benefits of organic foods (although you do not have to switch to organic to have success with The Diet Solution program) as well as the proper ratios of Omega-3 fats to Omega-6, and more. It’s great reading and will definitely help you understand more about what makes a healthy diet and how it can help your overall health.

The Diet Solution plan comes with a great recipe guide with tons of healthy, balanced meals. Also included is a shopping guide that you can take with you to the store as you’re learning what you should be looking for as well as a personal journal that will help you set goals and plan for success.


Overall I found The Diet Solution Program Review to be quite excellent. De Los Rios backs up all her findings with cited research. Basically this diet comes down to eating fresh foods with minimal processing. By doing so your body will function properly and not only will you feel better but your body will also be able to shed excess pounds now that it is free from the toxic burden.

It is not difficult to incorporate The Diet Solution into your lifestyle. If you’re serious about losing weight this is an excellent choice as far as helping you find the right way to eat for your own personal metabolism. I absolutely think that you can reach your weight loss goals with this program.


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