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Warp Speed Fat Loss – Diet Review

Warp Speed Fat LossWarp Speed Fat Loss integrates diet and exercise into a powerful program. It includes 24 workouts and 28 meal plans to help you lose fat in a short amount of time. This diet system created by Mike Roussell & Alwyn Cosgrove, provides users a detailed diet and exercise program you can read and follow to burn fat. The fat loss program is a combination of Interval Training and a specially formulated diet – and it claims you can drop up to 21 pounds with the 28 day plan.

Everyone who has ever been on a diet or exercise regimen had experienced the inevitable, dreaded plateau. You’ve almost made your goals, but have five or ten stubborn pounds that refuse to come off. Maybe you’re taking your dream beach vacation and want to feel great about your body in a bathing suit.

Whatever the reason you want to lose weight, the prospect of yet more futile dieting and exercise can be frustrating. This is where Warp Speed Fat Loss comes in. The program is designed with both men and women in mind.

What is Warp Speed Fat Loss?

The Warp Speed Fat Loss program combines fat burning strength and cardio exercise with a nutrition program designed to accelerate weight loss. Developed by gym owner, Alwyn Cosgrove, and nutrition expert, Mike Rousell, Warp Speed Fat Loss combines all the advantages of traditional diets (low calorie, low carb, low fat, low GI, carb cycling, etc.) into one easy to follow plan.

How does it work? Advanced Manipulation of Human Biochemistry, Physiology to Maximize Fat Mobilization and Oxidation. We’ll leave the scientific terms to Mike! The bottom line is you don’t have to measure food, count calories, or figure out an exercise plan on your own. There is no "guessing" about what might work, only scientific plans based on what has proven to work for others.

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Here is what you get with the Warp Speed Fat Loss Program:

• 24 fat loss workouts.
• special workout sheets to monitor evolution.
• 28 excellent weight meal plans to help one adjust the body weight.
• a form of exercise library with pictures and explanations fro every exercise.
• audio coaching for targeted fat loss and interval fat loss.
• two videos with everything you need to know about calories.

The diet part is set up by fat loss master and nutritionist Mike Roussell, who has created an amount of different "diet stages" so all you need to do is part 1: "Know your body weight" and part 2 "Print out the twenty-eight day diet plan" for that exact body weight. It’s okay if you don’t like the foods Mike selected, as he shows you how to add your favorite foods to his diets in some great and really easy to follow videos.

Aside from the specific meal plans, there is also a workout program, which is essential in rapid weight loss diet to prevent muscle loss. It tells you the exact exercises to do each week, including when and how long. There are pictures and descriptions of the exercises in an exercise library section, so you know exactly what to do.

The workouts are divided into strength training days and cardio days with an appendage for ab work. The strength training portion is broken into three sections: heavy lifting, intermediate lifting and lighter lifting. They emphasize the importance of maintaining muscle mass during a fat loss program, and how it is better accomplished with heavy loads and fewer reps – at least at the beginning of the workout.

As the workout progresses, your rest time decreases and your reps increase. At the very end, you do a metabolic workout that requires 120 seconds of non-stop movement. Alwyn continues to build upon the concept of AfterBurn in the cardio section using interval cardio training. The interval cardio program in this book now uses exercises instead of cardio equipment, and gets a lot of different muscles involved.

If you are someone who has already tried to lose fat by changing your diet and increasing your exercise routines, but you have not seen effective results, you should take a look at the Warp Speed Fat Loss system. It did not require you to buy any expensive pills and supplements, and is a 100% natural fat loss method.

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