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Weight Loss After Pregnancy – Postpartum Weight Loss

Weight loss at any time in your life is never unsafe – IF it is approached with healthy foundations and not in response to your emotions. "I’m FAT. I Have to lose weight NOW! is emotional. With this kind of thinking you will be tempted to do one of those disposable, temporary diets that usually are severely limited in their caloric intake and missing some essential nutrition.

Whenever anyone takes on a weight loss program to lose excess fat, they must come to terms with the fact that they will be in this for the long haul. Real weight loss programs consist of healthy balanced meals that anyone can use (unless you have specific allergies or limitations imposed by your physician). So it stands to reason that a nursing mother, even a pregnant woman can safely lose weight by eating smaller meals of real foods.

Weight loss is something a woman must undertake to gain over all health. When approached with an attitude that you are going to eat like this for the most part for the rest of your life, then weight loss becomes part of the natural course of things. You lose weight eventually when you eat smaller, more balanced meals.

As it happens, most of us want to lose it all now. We see our bulges and flabby tummies and we react by severely cutting our food intake. This causes more weight gain as the body feels it is starving and conserves food as fat.

What anyone, pregnant or nursing or otherwise, must realize is that weight loss is going to be the result of a conscious choice to make the right eating choices and eating on a regular basis and coupling it with sensible regular exercise. There is no short cut to a slim body. No "nine pounds in 14 days diet" will work in the long run.

True weight loss depends on you making a commitment to establishing good habits. Get serious about eating good food and allow yourself planned treats. Take up walking or biking on a regular basis. These are things that anyone can do to start on the way toward a healthy weight.

The key is to not react to your fat but respond by planning to lose safely no matter how long it takes. So, Mama, be patient. Be consistent. Make better food choices. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks in between. Walk wherever you can. Take up a favorite sport for exercise. Above all, enjoy life and let the weight take care of itself one pound at a time.


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